The Bush administration are a bunch of losers, and I mean that literally--they lose everything. E-mails, documents, records, evidence, and a war. Last night on "Real Time," Bill Maher joked (and I'm paraphrasing because I don't have a transcript) "Today Senator Harry Reid said that the war was lost, and Bush replied 'Maybe it's with Karl Rove's e-mails?'" Which is funny, but also frightening.

The sheer amount of documents that have gone missing in the past 6 years proves one of two things: either the administration is horribly incompetent and staffed by people who couldn't get a job at McDonalds, or the administration is lying, and the documents aren't missing, they've been purposely "disappeared." Probably the answer is a combination of both--incompetence and chicanery, which scares me even more.

At this point, the only documents left to fill the Bush Presidential Library will be a copy of My Pet Goat and a video of the president choking on a pretzel. How in the WORLD am I ever going to explain this to my grandchildren?

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