Run, Al, run!

Congratulations to Al Gore, who won the Nobel Peace Prize today!

Please go to http://www.draftgore.com and sign the petition! It's not that I dislike the candidates we already have, it's just that I love Al Gore and want him to be our president. Again.

In the meantime, hip hip hooray!

One thing I have seen in his live speeches that I've attended, and working the book signings with him, is the firmness with which he rebuffs every suggestion that he run again for President. I really believe he's happier doing what he is doing; that he feels this effort is making much more of a difference to the world than he could make in politics; and that he will not run.
The way I figure it, we win whether he runs or not. And I think he does, too. In both cases, he's working for the better of the planet and for America. To be honest, I'm not sure I'd wish the next presidency on my worst enemy, considering all the problems that Bush will leave us with, so if Al decides to pass, I'll understand and wish him well. And hope he endorses Edwards :)
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